What is Dynamic Body Stretching?
Have you ever been sore or stiff and felt the amazing relief that comes from stretching your muscles?  Now imagine getting that same feeling with no effort at all! You just lay back and get every muscle group stretched by a trained Dynamic Body Stretching Specialist!
Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) is a groundbreaking technique developed by Elite Fitness Stretching which applies a series of stretches and gentle manipulations that relax muscles throughout your whole body. Stretches progress through a fluid series as complementary muscle groups are stimulates one after another. 

What makes DBS special is that it provides this healing touch while you lie back and enjoy the benefits. The best way it can be described is like a stretch massage for your muscles and joints. Some of our customers say it feels like a type of "assisted yoga".


Try DBS today to help build, heal and keep your muscles and joints healthy for years to come!

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We know it’s a stretch but be flexible with your core.
Flexibility and core training: key ingredients to a long gym-life.

by Loretta Lynn


1) We start with a thorough full-body flexibility assessment from your neck to your toes.

2) The results are then entered into our proprietary software program to determine muscle weaknesses and imbalances.
3) A customized strengthening and stretching program is then designed to your needs.
4) The results bring complete flexibility and corrects the imbalances in your body.